Monday, 4 June 2012

Day Two of a Camper Holiday! Part Two.

Day Two: The Zoo - after lunch.

Yes E, I can see you!
Up on the African viewing platform Miss E was quite insistent that she needed two dollars to be able to see the giraffes and other African savannah animals.

She refused to accept my advice that these animals are best viewed with one's eyes, and no telescope is needed.


On fibreglass elephants.
Now maybe I am a dag, or maybe the kids will appreciate the photo one day, but I insisted that X and E climb on to the fibreglass elephants for a photo opportunity.

The rain was still spasmodic, so normal exploration of the zoo was impossible without risking our good health.

X wanted especially to see monkeys and primates generally, so we drove around to the Siamangs.
X just loved watching the monkeys.
I think they were subdued due
to the inclement weather.

The Siamangs were quiet. Quieter than any other time I have ever encountered Siamangs. But these animals certainly are show-offs. Not content to just sit and sleep on a platform anywhere on their island, they swung over to the platform nearest to us and pretended to fall asleep, and as we were leaving, they swung over to platforms near another group of zoo tourists before resuming their foxing.

E's special request was to see turtles. The Galapagos Tortoise in fact - that was the picture on the zoo map to which she was pointing.
Galapagos Tortoises; one climbing on the back of another.
Photo by X.

Once at the turtle enclosure, E exclaimed "Look, look, that one's climbing on the back of another turtle!

So X took a picture of it.

Oh. Dear. 

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  1. That sounds educational. Perhaps when he's older and you need to explain certain things to him, you can start with "Remember that photo you took of the two tortoises...?"