Sunday, 3 June 2012

Day Two of a Camper Holiday! Part one.

Day Two: The Zoo - up to lunchtime.

Happy the hippo showing off some amazing tusks.
Photo by X.
After some fussing about on Saturday morning, we waved our Zoos Victoria membership cards, and drove in to Western Plains zoo.

I initially thought it would be a challenge to take the motor-home around the zoo circuit, but it was no hassle at all. The continual light rain was keeping visitor numbers to a minimum, and so we shared the zoo with very few others.

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I recall visiting this zoo years ago with Grandpa and Grandma Tomato when I was just about 7 or 8 years old - a similar age to X now.
I remember the dust, and I recall the place being amazingly crowded - crowded with yellow bicycles, and small open-top Moke cars.
Dad and I rented a yellow tandem bike to ride around the Zoo circuit, I can't say I remember the animals, but I remember impressing my dad by being the stoker on the tandem, and pedalling hard enough to push both of us along.

In my subsequent visits to the zoo, I have always missed the tandem bikes, although the standard bicycle and Moke rentals continued for some time.

Notably, the Mokes have now gone too, and the zoo now rents out electric vehicles. These seem to be comfy enough, and offer seating for six. The nice man at the rental shed suggested that on account of the rain I would be warmer and happier to take the motor-home through the zoo. 

So, after visiting the African hunting dogs, and attending zoo-keeper talks for the hippopotamus and elephant, I found myself cooking sausages, and watching frolicking camels through the window.

Cuddles. Photo by Karl.
Happy the hippo has been blogged about by zoo staff, (his photo was taken by X - it is at the top of this post) and it is the first time I can remember seeing hippo tusks so closely. I'd certainly not like to surprise a hippo any time!

Cuddles the African elephant has been at Western Plains Zoo since the 70s, so I can't help wondering if she remembers seeing me before. She has only one tusk, and is the only African elephant left in Australia. 

The kids certainly loved both talks, and X was fascinated with Happy the Hippo.

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