Monday, 4 June 2012

Day Three of a Camper Holiday! - Lunch in the Warrumbungles

After a slow start involving the usual routine, plus grocery shopping and fuelling up, we left Dubbo, and set Tamworth as our destination.

We travelled via Warrumbungle National Park and stopped near a lookout for lunch. I remained behind cooking butter chicken and rice, while A, X, &E walked the 500m to the lookout.

Butter Chicken and Rice
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X and E had protested bitterly about the Thai green curry which we had served the night before - it was too spicy for their taste. Today's butter chicken provoked enthusiastic responses when I served, and disappointment when requests for second helpings were rebuffed with an empty pan.

On their walk the kids took a rather lovely collection of photos:

Well, plenty of white, plenty of gums to look at!

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