Sunday, 3 June 2012

Day One of a Camper Holiday! - Uh-Oh

Day One - continued: Loading the motor-home.

For a few days prior to fetching the motor-home on Friday, I was busy preparing meal plans, buying and sorting groceries, and organising the family to prepare clothing, toys, and equipment for our holiday. This way, I could arrive in the motor-home, load up, and leave that evening.

 I reversed into the driveway right on 4pm, and grabbed my first box full of groceries, and started packing the kitchen. The second box was an assortment of ham, sausages, chicken, cheese and other perishables. As I began loading the first pack of ham in to the fridge, I noticed a distinct lack of cold. In fact the freezer compartment was noticeably warm.

I checked the switch. The fridge was on, and had been on for at least four hours, and Christina at Apollo had assured me that the fridges were never switched off.


The Fridge.

A call to Apollo resulted in a surprisingly respectful troubleshooting routine on their part. That is, when I said that I had checked the switch, and that the fridge had been on for at least four hours, and it wasn't even slightly cold, they actually believed me! Coming from an IT background the first rule of answering the tech-support phone is: Never, ever believe the customer

After a few back-and-forth phone calls which established that I was unwilling to drive back to Sydney to swap the vehicle over, and that Sydney wasn't included in my travel plans, we made a deal: I will use my Esky* filled with ice until I made it to Brisbane where I would drop into the Apollo head office to have the fridge seen to. In return Apollo will throw money at me for the inconvenience. 
*genuine branded cooler, otherwise I would use the term "cooler" lest Nylex send their lawyers after me for infringing their trademark.

We shall see what happens when we arrive in Brisbane on Monday or Tuesday.

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