Saturday, 9 June 2012

Day Six of a Camper Holiday! - Warner Brothers Movie World

After travelling south and staying at the conveniently located Gold Coast Holiday Park, we spent the day at Movie World.

From the carpark of Warner Bothers Movie World, Oxenford
Visible from left to right are: The Green Lantern roller-coaster,
the Batman Batwing, and the Superman Escape roller-coaster.
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While my impression of Australia Zoo is one of a place built on passion but running on a commercial agenda, I still suffered culture shock at Warner Brothers Movie World.

I can't describe Movie World as being anything other than a massive assault on the senses. With noisy bone shuddering rides and frequent shows featuring loud music, it was just what the kids were looking for. A took the opportunity to leave the kids with me, while she rode several roller coasters limited to people taller than our kids.

The Wild West Falls log ride was an opportunity for the whole family to go on a ride together, which began serenely, and ended with E continually screaming in my ear on the ride down to the splash pool.

We all enjoyed movie world for the amusement park that it is. We will probably even go back, yet some parts of the day left a sour note.

I still feel affronted by the presence of time-share salespeople at Movie World. They targeted my family and I, giving us a few competition scratch cards in what I suspect was a faux competition. When we didn't scratch up a prize we were presented with another free entry, and guess what? We scratched up first prize of a holiday to Thailand (plus a $99 booking fee). But to claim it required that we pay a $40 booking deposit for a 90 minute seminar the next morning. The $40 fee would then be refunded when we turned up. But we didn't book and we didn't pay. To me at least the whole thing felt like the Australian equivalent of a Nigerian 419 scam. These people didn't know us, continually fed us scratch cards until we won a prize, and then wanted money from us and required us to sit through a 90 minute seminar in order to claim that prize. I feel that Village Roadshow (who run Movie World) have sullied their reputation by providing these people with a kiosk.

You will note that this posting is lacking in photographs from inside Movie World. This is for two reasons:

  1. I didn't take a camera as it was at risk of getting wet, broken or stolen.
  2. I refrained from using my iPhone in taking photos due to the signs plastered throughout the park advising that camera use was banned due to copyright laws. I can't think of which section of the Copyright Act 1968 could possibly apply to prevent people taking photos of curios in a shop, or taking photos of people on a ride.

One of the few areas where photographs were encouraged.
Hollywood Stunt Driver show.
Yet we were invited to take photographs during the Hollywood Stunt Driver show, but were reminded that all photos were to be personal souvenirs only. So I now share with you one of my souvenir photos taken on my mobile phone during the Hollywood Stunt Driver show.

I particularly enjoyed the show - there was a story which was played out in front of us, and the participants were demonstrating real skill: supposedly we were here to film a movie sequence depicting an Italian jewellery store robbery which result in some high speed chases. A new bumbling crew member causes all sorts of strife, but there's a happy ending of course: after all we are at 'Hollywood on the Gold Coast'

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