Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Day Four of a Camper Holiday! - Random Ramblings

Now there are some things I just don't get.

When I was younger and travelling up in a lift I used to ask my mum if we'd later be using a lower. She would respond by telling be to not be "deliberately dense". So it was a long time before I figured it out myself.

Two people and a dog.
The shorter person has an arm growing from their hip!
While going for a walk on Monday morning in Nemingha (North Tamworth) I started wondering:

Why is the shorter person of indeterminate gender who is depicted on the holiday park sign growing a short arm from their hip?

An enormous 8-ball, large person,
standard sized bike, and minature car.
 And I understand the need for a sign indicating a shared zone: it is so the 8-ball doesn't roll over the extra tall person's bicycle, which is next to the minature car.

This van park on the outer reaches of Tamworth must be a little bit odd as the proportions on the sign are just amazing. Either that, or I am yet to see the 8-ball or the bicycle - both of which which tower above cars.

But what speed is the new limit?
Which brings me to one of my favourite beefs. What is the point of displaying signage telling people what they shouldn't be doing, rather than what they should?

In many contexts, this is fair enough, eg for a "no smoking" sign the alternative behaviour is quite obvious.

The owner/caretaker flies the Eureka flag.
A protest for miner's rights and against unfair taxes?
But road signs implemented all over New South Wales such as "END 50 AREA" are really quite pointless. Leaving a 50 area is great, but at what speed am I meant to be travelling instead of 50? Back when Gunning Council was calling for comment on their plans to introduce a 50 zone in Gundaroo, I wrote to them asking if they would be using the END 50 AREA signs, and if so, what speed should I be travelling once I had passed that sign. Their reply was "Your submission has been noted". When I wrote back explaining that I wasn't making a submission, but seeking clarification on what they were proposing to do they didn't reply.

The owner/caretaker residence was flying a Eureka flag. I can only wonder if he pays his taxes....

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