Monday, 25 June 2012

Berliner Huhnerfrikassee (Chicken fricassee)

Based on a traditional recipe, Huhnerfrikassee (chicken fricassee) has perennially been a favourite meal of mine.

The recipe in the cook book which my mother has used involves what I term "Convenience cooking" - most of the ingredients are tipped from cans, so the preparation time is minimal.

This is the adapted recipe which has become a family favourite:

2 cups of chicken gravy (home made, or powdered base works fine)
About 500g of shredded chicken (a great use for leftovers from a roast chicken dinner)
6 quality frankfurts, sliced into 8mm - 10mm lengths
250g of cubed ham
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
1 can asparagus pieces, drained (the tender, not crispy variety)
1 can champignon mushrooms (whole or pieces), drained
100g-150g jar of capers in vinegar, drained
1 cup of peas (fresh, or frozen)
200ml sour cream

My version is less of a stew and more of a soup!

The method:
Step 1:
Place the gravy, chicken, frankfurters, ham, and lemon juice in a pot. Top up with water until the contents are covered by about 3cm of liquid. Stirring frequently, heat until the mix boils.

Step 2:
Add the asparagus, mushrooms, capers, and peas. Top up with water if necessary. Stirring frequently, heat until the mix returns to the boil.

Step 3:
Take off the heat, stir in the sour cream, serve and enjoy!

As I understand it, tradition requires that it be served with rice or mini-dumplings. I have never done so, and have just enjoyed the meatiness punctuated with the bold spots of flavour provided by the capers.

Dr Oetker's German Cooking Today has a slightly more complicated version of this recipe on p86. His recipe adds a few more vegetables, but it's pretty much the same.

I do find it somewhat amusing that a recipe for a chicken soup contains more pork than chicken, but that's the German way!

Either way, it's a tasty soup with meat, meat, meat and packed with flavour. It takes me well under an hour to prepare, and it's a great winter warmer.

Best of all the kids absolutely love it!

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