Sunday, 3 June 2012

Day One of a Camper Holiday! - The Long Drive

Despite non-operational fridges and other dramas in beginning our holiday, we finished loading up and left Canberra at 6pm.

I set the GPS for Dubbo, set out on the Barton Highway - aiming for Yass.

I was excited and on a bit of a natural buzz: we were actually going on a holiday! Not counting the odd weekend getaway, this is our first actual holiday as a family!


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I wanted to get as far away from Canberra as I could - while I fuelled up at Yass, A made sandwiches in the back for a quick meal.

So, back on the road with one other stop, we made it to Dubbo just before midnight.

The route was via Canowindra and up the Mitchell Highway. For my previous journeys in this direction, I always had travelled via Forbes and the Newell Highway, but careful study of the map indicated that this way was shorter by some 40 kilometres. In consideration of driving in the evening, I also figured I would avoid travelling with the Melbourne-Brisbane B Doubles on the Newell making for easier driving.

The journey was nicely uneventful with the kids enjoying the novelty of the whole experience - due to the internal layout of the travelling seats they were able to colour in and do find-a-word puzzles at the kitchen table, even though I received the odd complaint that the road was too bumpy and some of the colouring in was going outside the lines!

We lost E to the land of sleep around 8pm, but X was far too excited and remained awake for the whole journey.

Once in Dubbo City Holiday Park we figured out how to convert the furniture to beds (not the greatest design!) and turned in for some sleep - tomorrow: The Zoo!

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  1. Yay! I love the idea of a vehicle where the people who aren't driving can actually do something other than complain (like colour-in while they complain).