Saturday, 21 July 2012

Pretty in Pink: Progress of the cake

Progress on the birthday cake has resumed.

I have been experimenting with decorating the cake with white chocolate.

E's 6th birthday cake
- I am yet to work on the hair.
I had read somewhere about a method of drizzling chocolate over the outside of a bowl or other container to spectacular effect.

This is my first attempt at using this method - I loaded up the inside of the Dolly Varden tin with ice, and drizzled the white chocolate over the top.

The result is that the chocolate looks a little like a Christmas pudding - nothing like fine filigree work, but E likes it - and this is the important thing!

Once the chocolate was set, I placed the chocolate on the iced cake, put the dolly inside, and piped the bodice and necklace.

The next challenge is the hair: I am experimenting with modelling paste and a grass tip to try making Rapunzel hair. The challenge will be joining the wet paste to the existing hair without it falling off, and not adding too much bulk around the head when the hair is added.

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